I had a huge jar of left over glass pebbles-....

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  • Difficulty Equal To :

    Cleaning the cat box

    Herding cats

    Giving a cat a bath

  • Final Cost of The Project


  • Timeframe to Complete

    2 Day(s)

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The glass pebbles


I first cut out pages from an old pocket Bible that was falling apart and missing pages


Spent a good part of a day, decoupaging them to a long section of the hallway wall.


Once the decoupage had dried; I began at the bottom of the wall, gluing one glass bead at a time, using E6000. This process took at least 10 separate, 1 hour sessions. Once I glued about 5 or 6 rows, I used lengths of scotch tape to secure them to the wall and allowed the glue to dry over night before starting another section


This took a really, really, long time. I got to a point that I was a bit sorry that I started it. Of course that is simply because I am 54 years old and lazy


Love the way the light reflects off the glass and magnifies the words. You could use any background you like. I'm thinking colorful tissue paper, crinkled up, would look really lovely on a larger wall that gets a lot of light.


Once I had covered the entire section of the wall with the glass pebbles, I got the crazy idea to grout them in. So, I mixed some black acrylic paint into the dry white grout that I had left over from the bathroom project and after masking everything off, I started at the bottom and worked my way up