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  • Difficulty Equal To :

    Cleaning the cat box

    Herding cats

    Giving a cat a bath

  • Final Cost of The Project


  • Timeframe to Complete

    3 Hour(s)

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First arrange the supplies for The project..Like chicken wire, hot glue gun, yarn ball, various types of ornaments,Wire cutter..


Use hot glue to attach the yarn to the ornaments. To start off you can wrap 4-5 strands of yarn in one direction glueing as you go.


Change directions several times to give the illusion of a ball of yarn. Make as many balls of yarn as needed for the size tree you are trying to cover it..


Once you have prepared the balls of yarn it is time to create the base of the tree for them to be attached to. Take some chicken wire and cut an even square out of it


From one of the corners of the chicken wire square use a yard stick and move it as a compass to measure an even length in each direction from the corner.
Cut out the bottom into an arc shape. The 24" lines are just an example of a size you can create. You can alter how large your tree will be. The end shape will result in a triangular corner with a rounded arc shaped base.


Once you have your cut shape it is time to roll it into a cylinder and bend the open cut wires around one another to hold the shape in place.
On the bottom of the tree fold under the sharp wires so they don't poke out.

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Your chicken wire should now be a full cylinder (tree shape). Now all you have to do is simply hot glue the balls of yarn onto the tree in a sporadic manner.


I added a string of battery powered lights to give it a little extra charm. These balls of yarn did take quite a bit of time, but my husband helped me out and we just watched a movie or two while we wrapped them up! What a fun little whimsical tree!!!

Recommended Products or Materials

Ornaments of various size
Chicken wire
Wire Cutter
VArious Color yarn