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  • Difficulty Equal To :

    Taking a cold shower

    Sitting in a tub of ice

    Jumping into a frozen lake

  • Final Cost of The Project


  • Timeframe to Complete

    2 Day(s)

  • Social Sharing


The figures are all brought down from the garage attic . The green kidney-shaped board that you see behind Mary & Joseph is what the figures get attached to. This is an artificial lawn which stakes can’t be hammered into.


Mike puts the stable together. It’s weathered & slightly warped which makes it look more like an old structure. The 1st year it was put up I painted & stained the plywood because it just looked too new.
The stable is very simple, just like the 1 in Bethlehem would have been.


Mary, Jesus & Joseph get placed 1st, followed by the angels. The Bethlehem Star is positioned on a shepherd’s hook behind the stable. Everything needs to be wired or secured with fishing line because this is in a valley just 7 blocks from the Pacific Ocean & the winter winds can blow like crazy. We learned this the hard way – the 2nd year many of the figures took flight & had to be repaired or replaced.


The Gloria Angel is wired at the top.


The donkey & the ox are added in. They, & the Gloria Angel, are the only figures which came painted. The others were all creamy white & I took the paint bush to them.


The large kneeling angels are the most recent addition. They’re actually a cement grey color & I brushed the wings with gold Modern Masters paint last year. I love these paints & used various colors to accent all the other figures.


The wise men & the camels are positioned.


The shepherds, drummer boy & sheep are next.
After completing this last move is to adding light....