Win a Market Place Ad For A Year in HomeGravy Magazine

BY HGADMIN ON Apr 26, 2018

If you read and like our FAQ Page you will be entered into Win a Year of Market-Place Ads for your home improvement business in HomeGravy Magazine. To be entered to win, you need to be a registered business with a valid contractor's license within the Temecula Valley Area in California. We will collect all LIKES at the bottom of this FAQ article and pick a winner. Deadline to enter is July 1st 2018.      

Q. How is HomeGravy Magazine Different From Other Magazines in the Market? 

A. HomeGravy Magazine is 100% Home Improvement. This means that your brand does not take a second seat to other businesses in random categories like restaurants, general businesses and non-related business sectors. This allows HomeGravy to be more targeted and there is no confusion from our readers that they are shopping quality companies within the Home Improvement category or what the mission statement of the magazine entails.      

Q. What Size Ads Will Be Available in HomeGravy Magazine?  

A. We will have a variety of ad sizes to suite your needs while expanding your message and brand in the surrounding area. The smallest will be a Quarter Page Ad and the largest is a Full Page Ad. We will also have a new concept called the HomeGravy Market Place, which will be smaller than a quarter page, but exposes your brand to HomeGravy Readers looking for niche services and offering an actionable value to local residents.  

Q. Where Will HomeGravy Magazine be distributed?  

A. HomeGravy Magazine will be strategically distributed to each market within Temecula Valley. We use market data to determine which mailboxes HomeGravy Magazine lands in. We use a half a dozen of factors to determine the audience & demographics that are primed for Home Improvements. This is what makes HomeGravy a highly targeted publication.    

Q. Why are there local home owner projects in HomeGravy Magazine? 

A. Our research shows for those readers that are interested in home improvement projects, they prefer to see and review projects that are in their community. This allows the editorial to be more relevant to readers and keeps them engaged with from issue to issue. For this reason, HomeGravy will have more staying power within homes than traditional discount magazines.      

Q. How much does it cost to advertise in HomeGravy Magazine? 

A. For advertising options and pricing call 951.428.4880

Q. How long has HomeGravy been around? 

A. HomeGravy was conceptualized in 2015 and has been under development for the last three years. HomeGravy is based in Southern California and boasts over 800,000 home professionals from the area listed on HomeGravy. Are you listed?  Checkout our Pro Section and claim your listing today! 

Q. How often will HomeGravy Magazine be published? 

A. HomeGravy Magazine will be published monthly and shipped directly to homes.  

Q. What is the ROI of advertising within HomeGravy Magazine? 

A. This depends on the business and service advertised. This is going to vary based on the type of service you are offering. An easy way to think about this is that a pool builder will gross more from a pool build than someone selling landscaping services. We will work with each company and assist in positioning their ad and value proposition to maximize ROI.   

To answer any additional questions you may have, we encourage you to reach out and we will be happy to assist in any way we can. 951.428.4880