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BY HGADMIN ON Sep 20, 2017

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Bathroom renovations have the power to skyrocket the value of your home—and how impressive your home seems to guests, family members, and most importantly, whenever you put your home on the market.

 Where do you spend a whopping amount of time in your house? The kitchen area, where all your guests congregate? Sure—you spend time there. You also spend a third of your life in your bedroom, but when you wake up—and where all your guests will go while visiting, at one point or another—the first place you go is probably the bathroom.

Why do you think bathroom renovations are so important to so many homeowners? Your guests may be enamored by your kitchen or your living room, but they will really judge you—and believe us, everyone takes notice of how clean and sharp your bathroom is—when they step away from conversation to use the bathroom and have a chance to see all your magnificent bathroom renovations.

Most homeowners make bathroom renovations their number one priority when they move into a new house. Then, whenever homeowners are thinking about doing more, like putting an addition on the back of their house, doubling down and giving the entire house a second set of bathroom renovations is always a good bet.

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Not only are bathroom renovations more affordable than most home renovations, they dramatically increase the value of your home. Savvy homeowners can accomplish a series of bathroom renovations not just once, but multiple times to increase the value of their homes.

 The first thing you can do is upgrade your bathrooms to incorporate all modern trends. It’s okay to want your bathrooms to be like miniature spas—and the good news is, you can do that without breaking the bank. Luckily, due to the wealth of options homeowners have when it comes to bathroom renovations, you are going to be able to get everything you want without spending a fortune.

You want to feel more relaxed and comfortable when you enter the bathroom – as if your time in the bathroom is akin to a return to nature, more so than a haphazard and clunky experience of trying not to make a mess.

The first set of bathroom renovations you’re going to want to do will include a complete overhaul of all the synthetic and added textures and materials in their bathrooms. All the splotchy plaster and old, grimy rugs are long past their time, and definitely need to be thrown out. 

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All those antiquated bathroom fixtures can be replaced by natural stone and River rock, which can also be applied to your floors, walls, sinks, baths, vanity tops and more. When it comes to bathroom renovations, these more luxurious-feeling textures are booming in popularity, which, across the industry, has brought costs down. Simply put, this is how bathroom renovations work as opposed to other kind of home products that incur price hikes with increased demand.

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Now that your bathroom has a more natural feel, it’s was time to put in some high quality tile. If you’re moving into an older house, or if you already live in one, several of the bathrooms probably have kitsch, floral and seventies-esque intricate designs. These days, when it comes to bathroom renovations, minimalism is in. Period. Minimalist tiles have a timeless look, and their texture is more inviting to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Gone are the days where overwrought tile coloring and hand-painted designs were used to overwhelm the eyes.

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You can extend your bathroom renovations to include brand-new cabinets as well.  Isn’t it unappealing to walk in to every bathroom in your house and see open baskets and shelves with toiletries littered everywhere. Functional, elegant wood cabinets are the perfect solution, and they could easily be installed at a competitive price point when factoring in every facet of your bathroom renovations. In fact, if you find a look you love, don’t be afraid to copy it in your kitchen.

 And, of course, during any series of bathroom renovations, you always find yourself wanting to step up your showers. Right now, doubleheader showers that include an overhead rain shower, and a second hand-operated shower nozzle are trending—making a new shower one bathroom renovation you can definitely afford.

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Soon enough, you will find yourself living in style, and your bathrooms will be like spas that you can spend all day in – rejuvenating and revitalizing your body and soul for the days and weeks ahead.

 Bathroom renovations are essential to increasing the value of your home, and giving yourself a chance to step into one of the most underrated rooms in your home, and feel a sense of overwhelming serenity.  

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