How To Use Crown Molding To Complete Your Rooms New Look

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BY Jax Cash ON Feb 02, 2017

If you are choosing to upgrade one or more of your rooms in your home, you may want to consider something a little stylish, something that's a bit different to the everyday choices when decorating rooms. When rooms are typically decorated or re-designed, people usually change wallpaper or paint the walls and ceiling, and some furniture may be changed or rearranged, even the floor may be replaced, but something usually occurs when working on the walls and ceiling. People never seem to be happy with the way the walls meet the ceiling, maybe the wallpaper looks scrappy or unprofessional, or maybe the paint doesn't sit well with the join. Some people are never happy with these areas, a lot of people won't tell you this, but they will think it a lot, especially when looking around the newly decorated room. So what can you do to eliminate this issue?

There is a solution, and one that can really add some elegance to any room, what is this solution? It's Crown Molding. It's been around for years, but it always gets forgotten, it can really tighten up the edges of rooms, and make them look stylish, fancy and finished. That is the main point about Crown Moldings, they're the type of things that can finish a room, like putting the tyres on a car. Everything seems to fit once they are in place, and you can put your mind to rest knowing that those wall and ceiling meetings are no longer visible, and nor do they matter. If you stumble upon Crown Moldings before you begin decorating, you'll know those wall and ceiling meetings really don't matter in the slightest, as a Crown Molding will be placed of them.

When viewing Crown Moldings, you'll notice there are many shapes and sizes available, so it really doesn't matter what room you are renovating, as there is going to be a Crown Molding that will suit. You can use Crown Molding in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, any room in the house you may desire. You can also paint the Crown Molding, it may be a little difficult at times, as some designs are quite intricate, but they look fantastic when finished.

It has been said that Crown Moldings tend to look even better, when the baseboards of a room match them in size. Whatever the size of the baseboards, try and match them with the Crown Molding size or vice versa, the reason for this is because everything will match from top to bottom, and the room will feel more centred. If these two items don't match, you will find yourself wondering why something feels a bit off key in the room.

By: Fay Pratt


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