Home Improvement Professionals Get Highlighted on HomeGravy Answers

BY HGADMIN ON Jul 27, 2017

HomeGravy has launched a new section of their already robust platform that allows members to ask the community and home improvement professionals for their expertise. Named HomeGravy Answers, the new section is tied into our database of over 800,000 highly rated home improvement professionals in Southern California. This allows our members to get feedback from everyday members and a few professionals on questions they have to help improve their knowledge and home.

Home improvement initiatives by homeowners have increased greatly over the last 6-7 years. Some categories are seeing double-digit increases and homeowners themselves are becoming experts in popular do-it-yourself categories. This has caused a shift in the way that home improvement followers now approach their home projects. DIY Research is the first step that a homeowner takes to collect ideas, variety and cost to new home improvement projects. The second phase of mid to much larger projects is consulting with a home improvement professional. In some cases homeowners will complete a phase or two of their project themselves and then look to a professional to assist with the completion.

HomeGravy Answers allows for home enthusiast’s to bridge the gap of self-discovery and getting professional advice. This is a great way to connect homeowners with reputable home improvement pros to collaborate or share advice. Homeowners that ask a question on HomeGravy Answers can get up to 5 responses from home improvement pros per question. Any answer can be up or down voted by the general members and homeowner asking the question.

From the view of home improvement professionals, why would I want to get involved with HomeGravy Answers?  There are many benefits to being a professional and being active on HomeGravy Answers. We have completed this new section to allow our valued professionals to get exposure and build their brand with our members. The more contributions a home improvement professional makes, the more views their profile will receive. We want our community to know who these contributors are and mark every professional’s account with profile picture and attach the term pro.

HomeGravy Answers is packed with robust features that you would expect from any website that specializes in an answer format. In addition to home improvement pro involvement, you can also invite other members to answer your question. These are not members that have signed up to answer questions about home improvement, but are listed as suggestions to jump start the discussion and get you to your answer quicker.

To help keep our members and pros organized with their HomeGravy Answer activity, we store all HomeGravy Question activity in the “My Account” section for review. We allow for editing and deleting by our members and home improvement pros in this section. You will not see other members’ activity in your “My Account,” only activity that is specific to your home improvement questions.

If you see a question or a member you want to follow, you can do this by clicking the follow buttons on the posted question. If either the member or the question as activity you will find the detail on your news feed under the “My Account” section. Following other members and checking your “My Account” section will help any member to build up a number of home improvement ideas.

Our home improvement professionals are also integrated within the community and can follow members, their projects and interact with their home improvement projects. Members also have the ability to follow pros, their projects and HomeGravy Activity. This is all integrated within each section of HomeGravy. This integration creates influence, collaboration and trust between members and home improvement professionals.

HomeGravy has also opened up our DIY Project section and allowed home improvement professionals to list their completed projects for their clients in this section. This offers a great showcase and comparison of projects completed. These are organized by 12 main categories to help pros to create influence and showcase their best work properly. When a member clicks on a home improvement project completed and uploaded by a pro, they will be able to see all the details of the posted project and then choose to link to that Home Improvement Professional’s profile and gain greater insight to the services they offer and other projects they may have posted.