Beautify Your Bathrooms with Ceramic Floor Tiles

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BY August Rose ON Feb 02, 2017

Whether for your kitchen, dining area or bathroom, ceramic floor tiles can definitely exude sense of sophistication and elegance. Are you a porcelain lover? Now you need not to spend more to enjoy glossy and impressive flooring finish. Your ceramic tiles' designs can be effectively blended with the interior artistry of your house. So, don't worry because you can freely choose to imprint on it your preferred designs with the use of new laser printing or traditional rollers. Several parts of your house can shine and glaze in luster with ceramic tiles on them. Find out where you can install these classy tiles and what factors to consider in installing them.

Complement a luxuriating shower experience

You deserve to take an invigorating shower under the atmosphere of class and natural designs of bathroom ceramic tiles surrounding you. You can also attach decorative, hand-printed ceramic tiles to display your personal touch. A bull nose or a ceramic tile with rounded edge can be used to achieve designer effects and high-end tile designs. The water resistant feature of ceramic tiles makes it preferable for building shower enclosures including walls, floors and ceilings. These are also known to withstand short period of standing water without damage. Moreover, you can definitely save or defer maintenance cost from ceramic tile flooring since this is considered permanent installation and will only be replaced if damaged or aesthetically outdated.

Why install ceramic tiles in the kitchen?

You can add color and life to your kitchen work station by laying ceramic tiles either on the floor, walls, and countertops or as backsplashes. With wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures, you can effectively break the monotony while preparing meals. Fortunately, you will not be spending so much time in cleaning the mess after cooking because they can be cleaned easily and doesn't harbor germs. Aside from being durable, they can blend with almost any decorating style. Compared to other types of tiles, they are quite inexpensive. Good news is that you can lay these tiles on your own with the right instructions and patience.

What are to consider in the installation?

To save a great deal of your budget, you can install ceramic tiles yourself. If you plan to do it on your own, you should be very careful in shopping for the ideal ones. In the process of installing, it is very important that the mortar below your tile is in uniform height. Otherwise, your tiles will also be uneven resulting into uneven flooring. You can use available spacers to maintain the proper spacing though it is still be difficult to keep each row properly spaced. Take note that if you use larger tiles, you have lesser chances of committing mistakes in your spacing. With a sticky and thin-set mortar, larger tiles are easier to handle. In addition, variation in style pattern should also be considered. If the pattern is more pronounced, you should observe extra care in laying the tiles. Be wise and prudent in doing it yourself so you can avoid wastage.

You can select from an array of tile designs to fit your home's interior. You can choose among travertine, marble, glazed and unglazed. Your choice will depend on your personal taste and the intended purpose that your chosen ceramic tiles will serve. Bring out the artist in you and let your house beautifully glaze with bathroom ceramic tiles.

By: Christopher Mclaughlin


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