Bathroom Sinks – What is the best option for your home?

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BY Heather Roman ON Feb 02, 2017

A bathroom can never be quite complete without a sink. Despite the fact that we are all accustomed to vitreous white sinks of different sizes and designs, there are many other sink types and which are made from more eye-catchy materials. Different bathrooms have varying amounts of traffic and this volume is an important factor in deciding the type of sink that is most appropriate for a particular restroom. For instance, a bathroom whose most patrons are children should have a sink that is durable and easy to clean.

The choice of bathroom sinks is limited by budget, functionality, and aesthetic value. As such, before heading out to shop for one you should consolidate all the info you need because the variety is large and therefore it is quite easy to make a wrong choice.

We first ought to consider the bathroom sink types available. We all are accustomed to the wall-mounted bathroom sinks and which have over time proven to be very reliable in addition to providing adequate room for toiletries. However, more and more people have since moved on to other contemporary designs of the bowl and the use of countertops in an effort to enhance their bathrooms appeal. Enter the undermount bathroom sinks that provide a seamless transition between the countertop and the sink. How about the stunning vessel sink that can either sit on the countertop or be slightly recessed into it? Vessel sinks are typically found in high-rated hotels but can also be perfect for the master ensuite bathroom.

As mentioned earlier, bathroom sinks can be made from a whole load of materials including ceramic, glass, stone, and even bamboo for vessel sinks, and ceramic, stainless steel and copper for undermount and/or drop in sinks.
Ceramic sinks can be the ideal starting point for many shoppers as they make for durable sinks which are easy to clean but with disadvantages of chipping if struck with pointed heavy object and discoloration following the use of harsh chemicals. Stone and bamboo are not very popular but they certainly have their pros and cons, and which should be duly evaluated before a choice is made. Glass is a much loved option for vessel sinks as many colors and styles can be realized but there is always the risk of cracking or shattering upon impact with heavy objects. Copper and stainless steel are the default choice for virtually risk-free sinks and they can also come in many exciting styles, designs and sizes.

The buying decision can then be finalized if we know what sorts of fixtures, including faucets and strainers, are appropriate for purposes of complementing your sink. Different bathroom sinks call for different sizes and even styles of faucets. Other accessories to be considered include faucet cover deck plates and pop-up drains with or without overflow.

By: John Marrison


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