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BY HGADMIN ON Aug 27, 2017

Next to a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel,  when thinking through all the details, can be overwhelming. It is one of those rooms of the house that has so many options available and décor from which to choose. The average American will spend roughly 210 minutes a week in the bathroom. When you look at the cumulative time spent in your bathroom, on average we each spend 182 hours a year in our bathrooms! For this reason and many others, this is why so many complete a bathroom remodel. Over the last 5 years, homeowners have spent on average $10,500 on a remodel of a bathroom in their home.

Many homeowners that remodel are looking to drastically change their bathroom from its current state to a new haven of modern fixtures, showers, soak tubs and décor. Like many standard fixtures that get changed during a bathroom remodel, mirrors come in all types of styles and can be designed to complement the esthetic of the remodel. We have looked at a handful of choices and uses for bathroom mirrors that can be functional, sleek or dramatic.

As we review and make suggestions for a remodel, we will also share some lessons from some of those HomeGravy members that have completed a bathroom remodel and have a bit of wisdom for those looking to upgrade the bathroom. 

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Each year we all see different trends that are taking hold for remodeling your bathroom. A few years back darker tones were very popular. In this bathroom, a large mirror has the effect of appearing to increase the space.  A bezel rim is an extra detail that helps to refine the space. To really set this mirror off, we would suggest upgrading the lighting above the mirror. This could also improve the overall lighting against the darker cabinets. 

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Before we get to the mirror in this remodel, let us stop for a moment to appreciate a few other key elements. The floating sink with the storage underneath looks sleek, modern and floats elegantly above the floor. You have a gray soft tile that allows for the white to really pop in the key elements. We also appreciate the modern toilet that appears to be positioned between the bathroom counter the shower. When it comes to this mirror design the homeowner or bathroom designer has added a great framing accent that matched the trim of the shower and faucets. In the reflection you can see a modern towel rack that ties everything together.

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Before we noticed this standing floor mirror we can appreciate all of the detail the homeowner thought through in this bathroom remodel. The faucet set for the soaking tub is the perfect combination of classic and modern. This setup comes with a rinsing wand that you typically do not see with a soaking tub, but would certainly make baths of kids and pets much easier!

In this remodel, you have the best of both worlds. You have your standard bathroom mirror that matches the faucet set and is functional for day-to-day use. The bonus is the wood trimmed floor mirror that allows you to get dressed and provide angles to capture the look of the day. We have also noticed that the trim on the mirror matched the cloth chandelier nicely.  

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In some bathrooms, storage space is a premium and you may not be able to have as many bathroom storage as areas as you would like. For that reason, we really like this remodel design. The typical medicine cabinet is embedded within the wall and its size will not overwhelm a small space. This structured approach above brings a tasteful design that mounts to the wall and provides additional storage space. This mirror remodel offers clean lines and a wood accent, which brings warmth a bathroom remodel. We are not sure if there is a light present in the bottom of the cabinet, but that would be a nice touch for those looking to bring a little more light and modernize this fixture.    

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If you are looking to sprinkle in a bit of a rustic feel into your bathroom remodel, but not overdo it, this mirror is a great example. We like that they used a wood frame, but used a darker accent on each corner. This helped to tie in the faucets and light fixtures. You may not notice at first, but you can see that these homeowners got even more detailed with their pulls on the drawers and cabinets. This thoughtfulness in addressing small details is what makes a space cohesive.  

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‘Clever’ is not a word you would typically use when you talking about shopping for bathroom mirrors, but this remodel and bathroom mirror is just that! By adding a few inches of depth to the mirror you now have slide-out storage for all those items that can clutter the bathroom sink and counter. Within this storage space, there is a lot of detail that any homeowner would appreciate. You can see the rails that hold your items in place while you slide out the storage portion of the mirror. If you look close enough you can also see that the shelves are adjustable. With any bathroom remodel, you imagine what it will look like when it is complete, this is a case of someone wanting all of their bathroom items at their fingertips.   

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This perfect-picture bathroom remodel has some subtle details and an ample of amount of mirrored space. However, we do feel for the contractor that no doubt had a difficult job of installing a light fixture in the center of a mirror! This is a brilliant use of space if you want to cover a lot of wall with a decorative mirror. A floating cabinet is an extremely modern look, but don’t forget to get the dust out of the corners!

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We can’t take our eyes off this converted buffet table. This bathroom remodel is a great example of how homeowners shouldn’t be limited to furniture and fixtures designated just for the bathroom. Right above the buffet is a round mirror that fits in perfectly. A round mirror may not take up the entire wall, but this fits in well with the round sink design, in addition to being nearly as wide as the buffet table. The brass fixturing blends in nicely and if you look closely, you will see a hint of brass on the legs of buffet table.

If you are looking for a futuristic, modern mirror for your bathroom remodel that appears to be levitating on your wall, this design may be for you. This ambient light really sets off the entire vibe for this modern bathroom sink and mirror. Rather than having a smooth bathroom counter, you can see that the texture of the miniature tiles vary across the surface.

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This frameless bathroom mirror is the perfect focal point for the this single bowl sink. The placement of the light fixture is slightly out of the way, but ties in with the round sink and mirror. The counter appears to be another example of remodeled piece of furniture to become a part of the overall bathroom remodel, but appears new, modern and a perfect fit.  For the floor you have a combination of concrete and a patterned tile.

By reviewing the options in this article, you can see that the perfect mirror for your bathroom remodel can make the space appear to be larger and work with other bathroom fixtures and décor. There are more placement and size options than ever before. Besides simply being a reflected surface, options today include lighting and storage, which are musts for any bathroom. A mirror may not be the most important item for your remodel, but it can set the tone as soon as you walk in the bathroom or if you want to show it off as one of your dramatic finishes to your remodeling project.


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